5 Ways To Style A Skater Skirt in Winter!

5 Ways To Style A Skater Skirt in Winter! If you’re planning on traveling to somewhere cold this Chinese New Year, the crew at friendlyfashion.my have got five perfect style ideas with simply one essential clothing – the skater skirt. Yup. With its super adorable cut suited for any body shape, we decided to takeRead More

Style Thursday’s FF Lookbook

Style Thursday’s FF Lookbook Welcome to 2013 and we’ve got this year’s first FF Lookbook where the girls of FriendlyFashion share the treasures they bought or swapped from the community! This week we have… The ever lovely day24, wearing a Chiffon Pastel Floral Top which she purchased from FF member : jou. In the photo below, day24Read More

DIY Dates: Fill Your Nails with Hearts!

Love is in the air, soft toys are being hugged, florists are as busy as can be, chocolates and candy are being sold worldwide. You know what that means, today is the day most commonly known as Valentine’s Day or more recently declared the Singles Awareness day! No matter what it is lovers and friendsRead More

DIY: Year-Round Easter Deco’s

Hola Friendly Fashionistas, it is indeed my very first wall post on the FF blog, and there’s no easier way to put it…  I am thrilled to be a part of the team, and looking forward to jump up on the FF bandwagon and start contributing to a community like FriendlyFash. I’m Natalia and please bearRead More


Those Charlotte Olympia kitty flats have been on my inspiration folder for way too long. Drawing them down and window shopping with Arthur (he came purring at our doorstep on New Year’s eve and he’s here from now on!) are just not enough I urge myself to DIY a pair.  Materials:A pair of black loafers (I’m using Rubi’s)GoldRead More


Last week, my hometown friend came all the way from Canada and we’d finally visited the sea aquarium at Sentosa Singapore! We got to see seahorses via a magnifying glass, Getting really close to hold the little crab and touch the starfish! Immersing in the whimsical rhythm of the underwater world, Jellyfish dancing in slow ballad, AndRead More

DIY: Subtle Pattern Tee

There are times when you glance at your wardobe and question yourself about half the plain basic tee’s you own. Obviously, you predict that you will never ever wear it, as the garment is simply too bland for your own good! What do you do? Throw it in a pile and convince yourself you won’tRead More

DIY: Gold Leopard Wellies

For the folks that are uber sick of getting their suede flats, bedazzled stilletos, studded J. Campbells, etc. wrecked all because of the monsoon season, don’t look any further for we have a pretty rad DIY idea we’d like to share with thee. Yes it is possible for your wet market wellies to morph intoRead More

Steal Her Style: Vanessa Hudgens

We have picked a star who not only has just released a new movie recently, but one who has been in the spotlight for what feels like a decade! We are rattling on about the stunning Vanessa Hudgens. We’ve seen her as the quiet, insecure girl who was sprinkled in floral and skirts in ‘HighRead More