5 Ways To Style A Skater Skirt in Winter!

5 Ways To Style A Skater Skirt in Winter!

If you’re planning on traveling to somewhere cold this Chinese New Year, the crew at friendlyfashion.my have got five perfect style ideas with simply one essential clothing – the skater skirt. Yup.

With its super adorable cut suited for any body shape, we decided to take up the challenge of styling it! Enjoy these five different looks that you can pull off with your skater skirt during winter! 

1. Preppy

If you’re more of a simple chick try putting on a sweater and a collared shirt underneath so you’ve got an adorable school girl look. You could even tuck in the sweater at the front and leave the back hanging to turn that preppy look to something casual. 

2. Blaze it up

For a date night, look sophisticated by adding a blazer underneath a sexy blouse. To keep warm, don’t forget to accessorize with a scarf!

3. Playful tights

Bored of the usual black tights? Add some colors to your collection and brighten up your winter’s day!

4. Cute Combats

With military-style being all the rage this season we thought it would be fun to clash this sweet skirt with a pair of combat boots to our outfit!

5. Tie the Knot

Of course, we don’t mean literally. But when you’re traveling with limited space in your bag, you’ve got to get a little more creative with the clothes you packed! So add a knot to that shirt and to keep warm add a cardigan instead of a sweater!

Have any other favorite ways to to style your skater skirt? Share those thoughts with us below! :

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