Why PPE Equipment is important in the Healthcare Sector

In the health sector, infection control guidelines have required medical practitioners to wear a set of PPE equipment, especially in critical and high-risk situations, such as the COVID-19 outbreak. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), PPE equipment is known by a longer name, personal protective equipment. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is equipmentRead More

Construction Materials To Use For Your Project

One of the importance of construction industry Malaysia lies in the various types of materials used in construction projects. Ideally, the materials must be tough enough to keep structures standing for a very long time, or even better, eternally until it is brought down willingly or unwillingly. Every material sports its own strengths and flaws,Read More

Pros and cons of self service kiosk

Overview  In the current era people are more liking and attracted to the idea of being served or simply placing order via a self service kiosk. It is quick, efficient and gets work done much better. It also reduces human error. There is a balance of both advantages and disadvantages when it comes to theRead More

Storing lab equipments: The right way

Overview  Working in a laboratory can be real fun as you are getting hands-on experience with the experiments and research. However there are disadvantages on its own if you are not being careful in handling the lab equipment malaysia. Here are some laboratory storage tips for you in keeping all your equipment in a goodRead More