Those Charlotte Olympia kitty flats have been on my inspiration folder for way too long. Drawing them down and window shopping with Arthur (he came purring at our doorstep on New Year’s eve and he’s here from now on!) are just not enough I urge myself to DIY a pair.

 Materials:A pair of black loafers (I’m using Rubi’s)Gold permanent marker (I’m using Unipaint)Black permanent marker (optional)Gold fabric paint (I’m using Plaid Fashion Peinture Relief in Gold Glitter)Fabric cutting scissorsA pencil, penknife and a paper for rough sketching

Sketch out a life sized kitty heel. You can place a normal AA paper on your computer screen, magnify your kitty face reference to life size, and outline the kitty face. I’m not sure how other people say, but I call this the light box method.

Use a penknife to cut out the eyes, and the outlines of the ears. This is to make sure the features of your kitty face are all proportionate and appropriate.

Tape down your cutout kitty face on the vamp and outline the ears, nose and eyes with your pencil. Remove the paper and draw the whiskers, mouth and other details.

Outline with the gold permanent marker. Be very careful as this is a one way ticket!

Cut out the excess fabric to form the ears.

Use a black permanent marker to line the cut out area.

Last but not least, carefully fill in the gold areas with a moderate layer of 3d fabric paint. If it’s your first time using the fabric paint, shake it well and try it on a paper beforehand. Air dry for a few hours and you’re done! The glitter effect is not obvious here, but in real they’re really sparkly!

Hope you’ll find this purrrrfect!



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