Specifications of carbon steel fittings

Carbon steel pipes are manufactured using a variety of techniques that result in a pipe with a variety of characteristics. Carbon content in carbon steel pipe can reach up to 2.1 percent of the total alloy weight. An increment in the carbon percentage in the alloy contributes to the metal’s tensile strength and hardness. EvenRead More

Look At the Best Choice for the cookers

If you’re looking for a cooking equipment that can work effectively under pressure and create a meal at the last minute, or alternatively take its time to produce a whole dinner that was pre-planned, go no further than a multi-cooker. With a multifunction cooker that can handle both slow cooking and pressure cooking, you’ll notRead More

Newborn Baby Checklist—The Must-Haves and Mores

There’s a lot to accomplish as your baby’s due date approaches, and gathering all of your baby’s essentials might be a difficult chore. Use this newborn baby list to figure out what you’ll need for the first three months of your baby’s life, as well as some other “nice-to-haves.” Also, all of the essential thingsRead More

How Important Are The Kitchen Equipments

With the aid of a nice set of restaurant kitchen equipment, restaurants can make things feasible for their customers. Stoves, freezers, refrigerators, ovens, pressure cookers, rice cookers, dishwashers, and a variety of other appliances are examples of these items. It may be any piece of equipment that makes life easier for the restaurant kitchen staffRead More

Consumer Banking 

So, today I’ll be talking about consumer banking, but before that head over to Hong Leong Bank to open your own internet account in Malaysia.