Rig Preservation Solutions : Latest Developments & Technologies

What are the latest developments and technologies in rig preservation solutions in Malaysia? Rig preservation solutions in Malaysia have become increasingly sophisticated and advanced in recent years. The latest developments and technologies include the use of specialized software, remotely operated valves, and a variety of other methods to reduce downtime during downtime periods. In addition,Read More

Pros and cons of self service kiosk

Overview  In the current era people are more liking and attracted to the idea of being served or simply placing order via a self service kiosk. It is quick, efficient and gets work done much better. It also reduces human error. There is a balance of both advantages and disadvantages when it comes to theRead More

Storing lab equipments: The right way

Overview  Working in a laboratory can be real fun as you are getting hands-on experience with the experiments and research. However there are disadvantages on its own if you are not being careful in handling the lab equipment malaysia. Here are some laboratory storage tips for you in keeping all your equipment in a goodRead More

Elements involved in supply chain

What is a supply chain ? A supply chain is a group of people and businesses responsible for producing a product and getting it to the consumer. The raw material producers are the first links in the chain, and the last is the van that delivers the finished product to the customer. A certified bvRead More

Tips while purchasing baby clothes

Introduction  To all the new mums or expecting mums out there, finding clothes for your newborn can be a real hassle. If you are a first timer then you might probably face even difficult problems as you don’t know which ones to go for. There are various types and varieties that you may find inRead More