DIY: Year-Round Easter Deco’s

Hola Friendly Fashionistas, it is indeed my very first wall post on the FF blog, and there’s no easier way to put it…  I am thrilled to be a part of the team, and looking forward to jump up on the FF bandwagon and start contributing to a community like FriendlyFash. I’m Natalia and please bear with me, as minor mistakes may appear here and there, but hey, every expert was once a beginner, so boom!

If we haven’t already, Happy Belated Easter. You may be a bit skeptical about the DIY post as the title clearly states it involves Easter deco’s, which we are all very much aware is DUNZO..But wait… Can we just take the time to open our minds to the possibility of having holidays-inspired deco’s just because we can?! Plus they’d probably look better lurking around your house/room for a year rather than just an Easter weekend.   t’s bright, easy, and lets face it, the sight of these bad boys puts a grind on that face of yours! 

Get started with the needed supplies:

-Few Eggs
-Food Colouring
-Black Adhesive Vinyl or Black Sticker Paper
-Scissors or Silhouette Digital Craft Cutting Machine (If you just so happen to have one)

Instructional Steps:

1. Step 1 is to go ahead and empty out the eggs, from the yolk to the eggs whites, everything! ‘

2. After having cleaned the insides and outer area of the eggs, gently place all the eggs into the colander and slowly splash vinegar all over the eggs; this is to make sure the colours turn out as vibrant as we see it.

3. Moving on to the food colouring, use one colour at a time so you might want to also work one egg at a time. Add a few drops onto it and swirl your fingers around the egg to coat. 

4. Rinse the egg to get rid of access dye. 

5. Repeat process with your remaining eggs.

6. Once they’ve all been dyed and dried properly, cut very small mustache shapes on the adhesive vinyl/sticker paper and apply to eggs. 

TIP! The results look especially awesome when the mustache shapes are about an inch wide. 

There you have it, it’s simple, looks neat, and you end up with dye in your hands, which is clearly what our aim was! Ha!

The idea of this DIY blog-post was inspired by Melissa of the No.2 Pencil Blog. The photo is also credited to Melissa’s blog. We are uber grateful for her talented works and innovative ideas. 

With Love, 

The FF Crew and Natalia

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