DIY Dates: Fill Your Nails with Hearts!

Love is in the air, soft toys are being hugged, florists are as busy as can be, chocolates and candy are being sold worldwide. You know what that means, today is the day most commonly known as Valentine’s Day or more recently declared the Singles Awareness day!

No matter what it is lovers and friends celebrate around the world and today we will celebrate with you by sharing some awesome DIY Nail tutorials inspired by The Beauty Department! This nail art features layers of hearts in different colours and we’ve tested out 2 designs today: 3 hearts with the same colour in different tones and 2 hearts with 2 contrasting colours! Enjoy!

3 Colours Design

2 Colours Design

Things you’ll need:

3 or 2 Nail Polishes

1 Clear Nail Polish

1 Thin Nail Polish Brush


1. Paint 1 layer of nail polish, allow it to dry and then paint on the second layer of the same colour.

2. One the first layer is COMPLETELY dry, put a small blob of nail polish in a different colour at the centre of your nail, and use the thin nail polish brush to paint it the top shape of a heart. (If you are only doing 2 colours, paint the nail polish colour closer to the tip of your nail.)

3. Once that layer is completely dry, choose another colour to do Step 2 on the tip of your finger nails. 

4. After your nails are dry, paint the finishing coat with a clear nail polish to make it look smoother.

There you have it! Simple, pretty, and can be worn for any occasion at all. Try out different colours and be as creative as you can!

With love,

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