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Storing lab equipments: The right way


Working in a laboratory can be real fun as you are getting hands-on experience with the experiments and research. However there are disadvantages on its own if you are not being careful in handling the lab equipment malaysia. Here are some laboratory storage tips for you in keeping all your equipment in a good condition and most importantly to protect you from any possible threats and danger. 

Store items in closed areas 

It is essentially important to store all glassware items or items that are corrosive in a closed area or more preferably in a closed cabinet or cupboard. Lab cabinets are the best option if you own many glassware items in your laboratory setting. This is mainly to ensure its safety and that it is organised. Sometimes when certain liquid items are placed on counter tops or simply in an open surface area, it is prone to spill and leakage. Accidents may also happen if people tend to knock it off. To avoid that from happening you can store it in an enclosed area. Besides, closed shelves help keep dust away from collecting on your lab items, keeping it clean always. 

Labelling items 

While keeping in all your lab equipment and items, it would be really useful for lab practitioners if you label them accordingly. To begin with you can maybe label them according to its name or its uses. You can also label them according to the projects that you are working on. Labelling would save you so much time when you are looking for items that you want. It would also keep your working area organized so that you would know which item to reach for while you are working on an experiment or project. It can also get really dangerous if you dont have the needed equipment with you right on time. Certain chemicals do not come with its label especially if you buy in big bulk, the usage of wrong chemicals for wrong practises would certainly cause you alot. 

Maintenance of temperature 

The temperature may be a key consideration while preserving glassware. By maintaining a constant room temperature, any variations that would lead to the glass breaking won’t happen. For instance, the temperature difference between a glass of boiling water and a tabletop could cause the glass to break. Similarly, glassware that is kept in a cold room may shatter if the temperature rises drastically. To avoid that from happening, you should know exactly how to control and maintain the temperature in laboratory 

Avoid risk 

Glassware should never be kept close to the edge of tables or other surfaces that have an open ending. This can possibly cause accidents where people could knock the items down causing it to shatter. All the equipment and the glass ones in specific should never be kept out for a longer time in an open area. While placing them in cabinets and shelves, ensure to not place it high up as you might face difficulties in reaching out to it, while trying to take it off, you might drop them. So try to do everything in moderation.