queue management kiosk in malaysia

Pros and cons of self service kiosk


In the current era people are more liking and attracted to the idea of being served or simply placing order via a self service kiosk. It is quick, efficient and gets work done much better. It also reduces human error. There is a balance of both advantages and disadvantages when it comes to the usage of self service kiosks.


1) Resource optimization 

The tasks that call for precision, effectiveness, knowledge and consistency should be handled by machines rather than burdening the staff with it. The tasks like guiding customers and also processing orders can be done very easily with the help of the self service kiosk. All of this work would take much time for workers to do, perhaps staff can focus on matters like assembling the orders, maintaining the overall space and also to interact with customers and ask their satisfaction. Staff don’t necessarily have to cram themselves with too many tasks. 

2) Reduces waiting time 

Gone were the days when people needed to wait in the queue for hours to get their order placed and what makes it tough is that they would need to wait in the queue for the second time to collect their orders. With the self service kiosk, you are able to shorten your waiting time, you are able to quickly key in your desired order in the kiosk and the respective departments are also able to receive the order faster and work on your orders which would result in lesser waiting time. This works very similar to the queue management kiosk in malaysia. 


Has limited customization 

Sometimes when you make an order through the self service kiosk, you find yourself not being able to place your exact order according to your liking. This can be in the sense of the condiments wanted, their way of preparation and the packaging method. Not all kiosks are equipped with the features to edit the order according to your liking. As a result you would probably get an order that you are not interested in and that you have to eat it anyway. This could also result in poor communication and misunderstandings between the staff and also the workers.

Can be expensive 

To set up a self service kiosk can be really pricey and bear in mind that you may need a few of it operating at your store in order to speed up the process. Once it is installed you would need to further maintain the kiosks to ensure it is working in a good condition. In case if it breaks down, you would need to get it fixed only in the service centers which is a hassle, you have the option to invite a technician over and get it fixed as well but it can really burn a hole in your pocket. The maintenance of the kiosk is a little pricey which is why it is not recommended for small businesses.