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Tips while purchasing baby clothes


To all the new mums or expecting mums out there, finding clothes for your newborn can be a real hassle. If you are a first timer then you might probably face even difficult problems as you don’t know which ones to go for. There are various types and varieties that you may find in the baby stores malaysia. But do you really know what to look for while shopping for your little ones ? Don’t worry I’ve got you covered 

  1. Comfortability 

It is crucial to look for clothes that are particularly comfortable to kids while you are shopping for your little ones. Look out for the ones which are particularly made out of comfortable and breathable fabric like cotton. Babies might also experience sensitive skin as they are slowly adapting to the various environments so picking the right fabric might just be the right thing to do. If you are not able to find the cotton material, opt for material that are stretchy which would give great comfort to babies.

  1. Cloth sizing

Babies tend to grow very fast and often outgrow clothes although it is just being bought newly. The tip is to always pick one size larger than your baby actually is. Although babies grow quickly, sizes can be on the small side. Most babies who are 6 months old can fit into clothing that are made for  9 to 12 months, 1 year olds can probably fit into 2 year olds and so on. This totally depends on the baby itself, certain babies happen to grow taller and faster in a short period so going 1 size bigger is always the best choice.

  1. Functionality 

Considering the functionality is a must when shopping for baby’s clothes. Newborns usually spend most of their time in bed sleeping, hence clothing that is comfortable to be worn to sleep should be given most importance to. Look for the ones with loose sleeves so that it is easier to pull off. It is also important to choose the ones that have snaps at the front of the onesies and rompers. Incase of emergencies, you are able to change them quickly and easily. Wide necks makes it easier to change their clothes as well

  1. Affordability 

Great quality comes with a price in it. It is undeniable that baby clothes are indeed expensive but don’t just splurge on it in the name of ‘giving the best to your babies’. Sometimes expensive clothes don’t actually do what it says so be mindful of that. In certain time, you can find clothes with better quality even under a cheaper brand, so do your research before going shopping. If you can’t afford all clothing from top to bottom from a branded clothing, you can simply mix and match it with cheaper brands so it would still look chic on your babies. 


Now that you know a little something on what all to look for while going on a shopping spree for your little ones. Be mindful of the material and the comfort that it is to provide, this will go a long way. To all the expecting mothers, good luck in hunting clothes for your little ones, hope this helps !