safety cabinet Malaysia

Safety Cabinet Malaysia: What is Their Best Part?

Did you know that many people still don’t understand about safety cabinet Malaysia. This item is often found in the laboratory. So do not be surprised if people who have not or have never visited the place will definitely be confused. Let’s explore more deeply about what a safety cabinet is and its uses!

safety cabinet Malaysia

What Exactly is Safety Cabinet Malaysia?

Safety Cabinet is a useful tool for working aseptically because the BSC has a pattern of regulation and airflow filter so that it becomes sterile and UV light is applied several hours before use. This is also called Biological Safety Cabinet, which is a laboratory work area with air ventilation that has been engineered to secure workers working with material samples, work environment and material samples from the possible danger of contamination or causing the spread of pathogenic bacteria/viruses. at first glance similar to a fume hood, it’s just that in the fume hood there is no HEPA filter protection. However, Biosafety cabinets have several security classes, and the purpose of these security classes is also different.

Types of Safety Cabinet Malaysia

First Type of Biosafety Cabinet

It provides protection for personnel but does not include product samples/materials in the chamber biosafety cabinet. Air will flow from the direction of personnel and may cause contamination of the sample. The minimum speed of this type of biosafety is 0.38 m/s. The front window is left open, allowing air to enter, then sucked in, and filtered with a HEPA Filter.               

Second Type of Safety Cabinet Malaysia

This Safety Cabinet provides protection for 2 things, namely the sample and the environment. According to NSF standards, class II biosafety is divided into 4 types, namely: Type A1, Type A2, Type B1, and Type B2. The operating principle of Class II Biosafety cabinets uses a suction fan mounted on top of the cabinet to draw air from outside and Chamber, then filtered with a HEPA Filter before being continued for circulation or expelling. This air pulling system makes the operator safe because the direction of the air will lead into the filter system.

Third Class of Biosafety Cabinet

Class III biosafety cabinets are used in laboratories with maximum security, designed for use with hazardous pathogenic materials. Air circulation in the chamber is tightly closed, and all incoming and outgoing materials must pass through the pass box. Gloves are included at the front so that personnel can work without direct contact with the material.

safety cabinet Malaysia

What are the Safety Cabinet Malaysia Benefits?

Please note, the Bio Safety Cabinet is a tool that functions to work aseptically, this is done because the BSC has the ability to filter air, so that it becomes more sterile and avoids contamination. That way, the work will be more sterile and avoid unwanted components. In addition, the Bio Safety Cabinet also has a function to minimize protecting the environment, pathogens, and users in the laboratory. Users who work in the laboratory will also have more security and avoid contamination with infectious materials.

The working principle of the BSC (Biological Safety Cabinet) is to create an air inflow to protect the operator who is handling risky biological samples by expelling the air through a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter. The purpose of using BSC, especially in microbiology laboratories, is to protect the user from microorganisms. Most BSCs also offer the advantage of tools that can protect samples from room contaminants. At first glance, this Bio Safety Cabinet at first glance may be similar to a fume hood, or laminar air flow. In fact, all three have different functions of course.