new lab construction Malaysia

Construction In Laboratories

Moving into a new house or building would eventually involve so many things and work to do, the construction itself would take a long time. And the same things would go to laboratories too, new lab construction Malaysia would also need a long time to get done with everything. 

Speaking of this, there are surely going to be a lot of things and processes to get it done because laboratory constructions should be more specific in the planning to ensure safety. If you are here to look for good laboratory construction, then MDC Planners are definitely the best team for that. 

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Who are MDC Planners?

They are an expert team that have specialty to provide a specialized and unique facility that is functional, meets the criteria, and most importantly is a safe working environment for laboratory workers

Their offered services for laboratories

MDC Planners have a several other services that are really needed and good for laboratories, which are:

  • The laboratory consultancy:

MDC Planners team also could provide the session for the laboratory consultancy. 

  • The medical equipment planner:

Their team also could provide you with the best and compatible medical equipment that are needed by your laboratories.

  • The project management and planning

They also could be the best planner that will manage projects wanted by clients.

  • The containment facilities

MDC Planners team would always be ready and great in supplying the containment facilities.

  • The laboratory safety assessment

Their team also would take the responsibility of making sure the whole laboratory is safe to be used by making the assessment.

Essential tips to consider for your laboratories’ construction

new lab construction Malaysia

As we acknowledge that building a new laboratory won’t be easy, as there are a lot of things that have to be considered from all of the perspectives. Which are:

  • Ensure the balance

Unlike in building or constructing new homes, laboratories need to be balanced from every perspective. For example, the functions and aesthetics value of the equipment used in the laboratory have to come along. This is to ensure that the functions and aesthetic value of the workplace are guaranteed. 

  • Put safety as the main thing

Before planning out on the laboratory design, make sure to consider all safety requirements and suggestions. Plan to incorporate safety equipment, such as eyewash stations and emergency showers. The purposes of laboratories fluctuate. It is preferable to have the necessary safety equipment from the start rather than installing it afterwards at an additional cost and difficulty.

  • Prepare the ventilation for the laboratory

Ventilation should be a crucial aspect in your planning and design process if you intend to install a fume hood in your laboratory. Do decide on how many fume

hoods that the laboratory needs, look for the best placement and plan out of the dutchwork. It is very important to actually ensure the appropriate ventilation of the fumed hood in the laboratory

  • Pay attention to the recommendations and requirements of the laboratory.

Every laboratory is unique. Based on your sector, there may be rules, restrictions, or guidelines for establishing a lab. The following are some common recommendations for various industries:

  • The educational laboratory
  • The cannabis production laboratory
  • The medical research laboratory
  • The biology laboratory
  • The chemistry laboratory