Nursing pillow Malaysia

Nursing pillow Malaysia, one important thing for nursing!

Nursing in a good way is the best for the baby because the baby will get more breast milk to grow healthy. Nursing pillow Malaysia is one of the ways that will get the baby better to get breast milk. Is nursing and breastfeeding is the same? The answer is yes, because it is still to give the baby some breast milk for them. So with some nursing pillow Malaysia it will give the baby some benefit from it. Benefit for the baby is the baby will get the breast milk smoothly and their head is supported with a soft pillow.

Nursing pillow Malaysia

For the mothers, their hands are not lame because they need to support the baby’s head. Nursing is also good for mom and baby, one of the advantages is the mother and babies will get more bonding time. The babies also can feel the love from the mother because they are really close with each other. So nursing pillow Malaysia is really a good benefit for the mother and babies. That was the reason Lansinoh released this product for the mother that is nursing. Lansinoh produces many good products that are more similar to mother care products but it also has baby products in it. 

Some advantages of nursing

Best nutrition for babies

For the newborn babies of course they need breast milk because it is the most nutritious food for them. They can’t eat the hard food or the soft food yet so when they want some nutrition for them is breast milk. Nutrition will help the baby be more healthy and also the baby will grow well. From the mother’s breast milk, they already got the nutritious thing that they need in their body through nutritional care from the mother. The mother also needs to take care of how they eat and the food that they will eat. It will give the baby some good things or not because when the mother is eating all the nutritious food will convert to breast milk. So that was where the nutritious food came from. It was really important for the breastfeeding mother to not take the fast food during the nursing time. It will affect the nutrition for the babies because it is really related to them. 

Protect from the illnesses

How can breast milk protect the babies from the illness? The reason is mother’s breast milk has their own antibodies for the babies. It was a really miraculous thing that not all people will believe in. If the baby is breastfeeding, they will have a low risk of getting asthma, diabetes or obesity and more. That’s the why breastfeeding is important for the babies because it will give them this kind of protection for themself. Also they will less to have ear infections or stomach bugs. With breast milk their immune system will get stronger than formula milk. Also when you hear the mother eat something that is forbidden for them it also will affect the babies. For example, like gassy food or spicy food, like I said it will move all that the mother eats into breast milk.