Choose a better paint for your house? Acrylic emulsion Malaysia! 

As we know there are many types of paint in this world that will beautify the house or building that needs to be painted. One of the paints that famous people use is acrylic emulsion Malaysia. There are many benefits that they get from using it, it more suits the place that will have water around them. So the acrylic emulsion Malaysia will survive for a long time because it will not affect if they have water on it. Many people love to use them in the bathroom because they don’t want the painting to corrode. 

Not just in the bathroom but also it still can be used as outdoor painting. When you choose the paint just need to know which is the best brand for it. Acrylic emulsion Malaysia like we know it has two mixes in them which are water and oil. So that will make the wall that uses it will be more shining. It will make the house maybe just a simple color but make it look like a rich person. Most people like to use it because it is affordable and makes the house more beautiful with this type of paint. 

Other than just painting on the wall, acrylic emulsion also can be used on the textile. It was an interesting fact for acrylic emulsion because it was not easy for the paint to survive at the textile. Acrylic emulsion is the one paint that really most people in textile use. So it will be in the textile for a long time and it was really beautiful for the people that had them. 

Disadvantage Acrylic Emulsion

Once dry, hard to remove 

When you use it, you must keep in mind that the one is the one that you want to apply it. So when it is dry you do not regret it. It was more to the textile because you will draw any pattern on the textile. It will be more nice if you know what you are going to draw at the textile. If you are also not that good at drawing it will be better if you practice at first. Once you draw the pattern with acrylic it will be hard to remove it. So when you want to apply it anywhere you need to remember that it was easy to dry. Cannot be anything wrong if you apply it and must do it more quickly. 

The color will be darker 

When the acrylic emulsion dries the color it will be a bit darker than the color should be. So you must choose carefully about it. Also when you need to choose the color you must know what it will turn out not like you want. Just keep reminding yourself about it and do not regret whatever comes out. 

So when you choose better to choose the different shade and it will be what you want. That is the disadvantage about acrylic emulsion but still it will be shining like an expensive paint. The fact it is still a bit higher cost than others. It is still affordable for the person who wants them but not all in the house use acrylic emulsion. It will be nice if just a certain place that will apply it.