study biomedical degrees in Malaysia

Why Should You Study Biomedical Degrees In Malaysia At RUMC?

The world of science is the world full of colourful and adventurous exploration. Are you a Science geek, who loves to carry out experimental activities, and keen to explore the beneficial potential of certain specimens toward the human nation and health?  Do you feel that you have a strong passion for Biomedical degrees after completing your secondary or diploma studies? Are you interested in studying in Malaysia but at the same time, interested in acquiring a foreign immersion into a foreign culture? If the answers are ‘’YES’’, perhaps RUMC, Pulau Pinang, is the best tertiary educational institution for you to obtain and study Biomedical degrees in Malaysia! With a Biomedical degree, you can pursue a wide range of career options in the Biomedical field.

What Is A Biomedical Field?

study biomedical degrees in Malaysia

Biomedical field is an interdisciplinary field that implements the combination of technological advances and concepts of science to the medical field. There are a few subfields in the biomedical field such as biotechnology, biomedical engineering, and so on.

Why RUMC Is A Good Choice To Study Biomedical Degrees?

a.     Wonderful Way For Experiential Immersion Irish And Malaysian Culture And Professionalism

The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) and University College Dublin are two renowned Irish medical universities, and RUMC is their Foreign University Branch Campus (UCD). This institution offers you different levels of pursuing academic dreams, including beginning your bachelor’s degree program. To learn the Irish medical curriculum, you should not miss out on the opportunity to pursue your studies at RUMC. Even though you currently reside in Malaysia, this will be an exciting experience as you receive a top-notch Irish education curriculum that will equip you with two different cultures of countries and professionalism between Ireland and Malaysia. Besides that, you could have knowledge expansion in those branches of medical fields such as the Biomedical field.

b.    Value For Money

RUMC is keen to provide and offer a high-quality education at a value for money fee for their students. This is shown through the tuition fees for Malaysian students and international students that  are below RM100,0000!  The tuition fee for Malaysian students: RM620,000. Meanwhile, the tuition fee for international students: RM740,000.

At RUMC, you can pursue any level of education, including a Bachelor of Medicine, a Bachelor of Surgery, or a Bachelor of Obstetrics, and still enjoy a four-stars student living environment. The students will experience valuable moments as students and also tourists in Penang, that is known as “The Pearl of the Orient.” This island city has one of Malaysia’s most varied, cosmopolitan, and exciting cultures up to this point. To make your student’s life easier, every student room and the building are well-equipped with a variety of amenities like a washing machine, water heaters, Wi-Fi, swimming pool, gym, cycling track, meeting rooms, and small cooking areas.

c.     Professional Guidance From Teaching Staff And Lecturers

At RUMC, students receive expert guidance and advice from outstanding professors who are specialists in their fields. The instructors and professors are dedicated to helping, educating, and forming you into future qualified doctors. In addition, students are known to develop close professional bonds with senior students at RUMC. As a result, interaction and the growth of mentor and mentee relationships among RUMC students become ingrained in this community.

Not only that, RUMC students have many opportunities to speak with working professionals in the fields of obstetrics, surgery, and medicine. The RUMC is committed to enabling its students to contribute and channel their talents into practical experience and building professional networks with other experts, in addition to their theoretical talent.

What Can You Do With Your Biomedical Degree?

After graduating and obtaining a Biomedical degree from RUMC, you could expand your talents and skills in joining these careers:

·         Biomedical scientist

·         Biotechnologist

·         Clinical research associate

·         Biochemist

·         Forensic scientist

·         Microbiologist

·         Toxicologist

·         Scientific laboratory technician

·         Many more