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Internet Is The Way To Go!

If you have been keeping up with the recent trends, and I’m positive that you have, you would realize that we are currently living in an era where we simply cannot live without our phones. From keeping in touch with our distant relatives and dear friends to keeping ourselves entertained, to keeping ourselves updated with the latest news and incoming trends. All of these require the handy-dandy device we call our cell phones.

Lately, with the international crisis that we know as the Covid-19 pandemic wreaking havoc upon our lives, we have become increasingly dependent on our phones. But did you know, even more, important than our phones are the internet connectivity that we access through it? Because without having an internet connection, we are still unable to perform the abovementioned tasks.

Jom Apply Time home fibre Malaysia

This is why I say that the internet is extremely significant, though many think otherwise. So, let me try convincing you. 


What with the Covid-19 claiming lives left and right, it has become increasingly vital for us to maintain a healthy distance from anything that could possibly cause us to be infected with the virus. This includes avoiding social contact with large groups of people. And let me tell you, it’s easy to talk the talk, but walking the walk is much harder than it seems. Humans are naturally social creatures. It is next to impossible for us to live alone, at least without us losing our sanity. Hence, this could pose a problem to us. 

However, with access to the internet, we are able to keep in touch with people digitally. This ensures that we are able to keep in touch with people without having to breach the new SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). An added bonus is that we would be able to ensure our sanity remains intact. 

Overcome Crisis

As the infamous saying goes, ‘the show must go on’, or in this case, our lives must go on. Just because we are experiencing the global pandemic, doesn’t mean we can put our lives on hold. We must continue to survive, and having internet connectivity is one way to do it. From having lectures online to working online, schools and work have all shifted online. And without internet, this would be impossible to do so. Heck, this article would be impossible without the internet. 

By having a steady internet connectivity, teachers are able to ensure their students are studying and not destroying their future by abandoning their studies. Business are also able to thrive without fear of their employees falling sick by shifting everything online. Platforms like Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams are able to ensure both students and employees a like are able to have their classes, lectures, and meetings smoothly. Lately, businesses have also taken this opportunity to shift online in order to increase their clientele. 

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