Time 500mbps

Time Internet With the Right Package

There is talk of a service like Time 500mbps which thanks to the connection with the satellite allows users to connect anywhere and in a fairly simple way, reaching connection speeds of up to 20 Mbps in download and up to 6 Mbps in upload. Moreover, this service can be activated thanks to a small dish and a satellite modem connected to the PC thanks to which it will be possible to receive functions such as VoIP phone calls and have a wireless network for home use.

The Right Connection

In The country so far the average connection with ADSL is 4.9 Mbit/s and 4% of the Malaysian population is unable to access the fixed or mobile network; as mentioned before 2, 65 million people cannot access broadband and it is thought that all this affects 2% of the Italian GDP.

The Real Blame

Let’s find out why the internet connection sometimes becomes so slow and how to improve it. In recent weeks, we have a tendency to blame the Covid-19 epidemic for everything that doesn’t work. Is there no bread at the supermarket? Fault of the coronavirus. The streets are dirtier, always the fault of the coronavirus. Is your internet connection slow? It is certainly the fault of the epidemic!

And at least in the latter case it is likely to be so. The latest data from Internet service providers and companies such as Speed testing site confirm the suspicions of many users: the bandwidth is saturated by increase in connections and the network infrastructures do not hold up.

But is this the only problem?

Are we sure our connection is so slow just because of the increased bandwidth usage?

Our computer may have some problems or maybe we are expecting a much higher speed than available.

In this post we describe the possible causes of a slowdown in Internet speed and some solutions to improve it, whether it is an epidemic or not.

Test the connection speed

The first thing to do is to understand if the Internet connection is objectively slower than normal or if it is just our impression. To measure the download speed of your connection, you can use the free service of websites. Remember to close all programs before starting the test, otherwise the result could be false.