Hunting or Scuba Diving

Hunting is as old as the human history and civilization. Human beings learnt to collect their food through hunting various living beings and it was here the ancient people and their societies were known as hunter societies. However, with the passage of time human beings learnt to plow the land, grow food and this was the beginning of a new civilization and culture. These societies were known as the agricultural societies. As the time changed, the human life, history, culture and modes of acquiring food changes constantly. There began a new era known as industrial revolution that introduced altogether new ways and approaches to the human life. People began to work in the factories and started eating packed processed food. Despite all these developments, the basic instinct of human nature has not changed and many people in developing and developed world are still fond of hunting. There are parts of the world where hunting of wildlife is so extensive that the wildlife has suffered extinction. Therefore, the world organizations have taken steps to protect endangered species and there are now protected areas where hunting of endangered species has been prohibited. 

Hunting is also a great source of revenue and recreation in other parts of the world and there are countries who rear breads of various wild animals such as ibex and allow their trophy hunting once a year and hence earn billions of dollars in the process. Whatever the case may be hunting is all about killing a life and the supporters of ahimsa never go with the idea. They say no one should a life for just pleasure and therefore the vegetarianism has become a great movement across the world. Much of your eating habits depend on which part of the world you live and how you have been brought up. 

Having said this, let me introduce you that if you really want to enjoy life and want to take pleasure in the marvels of nature, you had better choose of scuba diving rather than hunting. The special thing about scuba diving is that it is not a destructive hobby and it does not require you to kill any animal or living being for the sake of pleasure. This hobby takes you so close to the nature and the natural environment of certain marine life that you become a lifelong scuba diver and you never miss a chance to dive deep into the water to experience the unexplored vistas of nature. Well, if you are convinced of the greatness of the scuba diving and water courses, you must be thinking where you can learn this great art. So, you do not have to worry as Tioman island diving, padi diving islands are the best locations where you can learn the great art and become a fine scuba diver. There are too many great padi diving packages that allow you to enjoy the marvels of nature within your budget. So make it for Malaysia for scuba diving now. 

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