Comparison between mobile app development and website development

Shifting towards a better future, so many improvements have been made in making the world a better place and inventing an easier life for each human being. Therefore, the transformation in technologies and ideas seem to be very important. The people that are gifted with such talents are considered very valuable. Including in mobile application and website development. Website development has started since the beginning existence of a platform to market products and services, as well as sharing information globally. Meanwhile, mobile application development started only after social media became a crazy trend in societies. But what can differentiate mobile application development and website development?

   When it comes to technical things regarding development, the concept might be the same. Building a website and mobile applications can have the same goals and concept most probably. For example, marketing a brand through a website and mobile applications, it all started with the same intention. But what difference is that the platform uses to build a website and mobile applications. Based on my experience, building a website far easier than building a mobile application. I built my website using Adobe Dreamweaver and WordPress. Meanwhile, building a mobile application is much more complex and only some with knowledge can pull through, discover mobile application developers Malaysia.

   Furthermore, the user interface and experience between mobile application development and website development. The layout of a website and mobile application is very important regardless of how good your content is and how you market your content. For example, if you don’t have a concept on how your layout is gonna be, the primary colours that will appear on your user interface, how your content will appear as your graphic user interface, I suggest to not expect any of your customers to stay on your website or mobile applications. If the users land on your website or mobile applications, they will have their first impression on your graphic user interface for the first 3 seconds. Commonly if they like your graphic user interface, they will stay longer and go to another page, and if not they will hardly come back and probably leave a bad review as well. On the website, it is common to have a lot of buttons, and the buttons mostly have wordings on it telling the users what page they would go next. Compared to mobile applications, the buttons only consist of icons, and the icon selections would normally be discussed during website development to ensure the icons will generally be understood by the users.

   Lastly, the wording of your content on your website or mobile applications. Even so, the primary users now are mostly young adults and adults, and these generations are known to like less wording on the website or mobile application. There still has limitations to less and more. Website development has a lot more advantages as users will be reading content from a monitor which has a bigger size than the mobile application size. Therefore, it is always good to be cautious and maybe hire someone who has skill in either mobile app development or website development. Depending on what you want.

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