remedy for hepatitis malaysia

Hans Secrets: Remedy For Hepatitis In Malaysia

Our human body is magical, yet it does expose us to a lot of harm. We could be doing exercise every day like pilate class yet diseases still come to visit sometimes. One of the most known diseases is Hepatitis. It is an inflammation of the liver inside. Our liver is an important organ that helps the body digest nutrients, filter blood, and fight infections. 

Hepatitis can be transferred through close, personal contact with an infected person, such as some types of sexual contact, caring for someone who is sick, or sharing drugs. Even infected persons can spread the virus even before they become ill. Food can be contaminated with the hepatitis A virus at any stage of production, including planting, harvesting, processing, handling, and even cooking. Food and water contamination is more common in nations where it also can spread the disease. 

remedy for hepatitis malaysia

The liver might be harmed when it is inflamed or damaged so it is to note that hepatitis can be caused by excessive alcohol consumption, pollutants, certain drugs, and certain medical disorders. Remedy for hepatitis in Malaysia can be found anywhere, but surely you want the best right? 

If you are looking for one, check out Han Secrets Health Care and Beauty. Dr. Lok is the mastermind and created the first beauty and wellness brand, the Han Secrets in Malaysia. This corporation was made with old prescription formulations which are from the Han Dynasty, Japan, and Korea by recognized GMP pharmaceutical companies. Dr. Lok is a board-certified Chinese physician. He specializing in liver disease, obstetrics and infertility, beauty acupuncture, stroke, and body balancing, an expert in this field. Their store, Han Secrets TCM Clinic is located in the SS15 neighborhood of Subang Jaya. If you have difficulties getting there, no worries as their products are also available on their official website. They have appeared in TV2 and many more media outlets. 

Han Secrets might have the Proganic, the solution you’re looking for. This substance can help with liver diseases such as hepatitis, cirrhosis, and heaviness. Other than that it functions as liver protection and detoxification, immune system improvement, and as skin pigmentation upgrade. What makes this substance unique is its origin as Proganic is a traditional supplement that is commonly used to treat liver issues. Not to mention it is one of Malaysia’s best Chinese medications and adjuvants and is also known as a Western medicine alternative. Guess who is the founder? Yes, it was founded by none other than Dr. Lok himself. 

Cortex Phellodendron Chinese Extract, Herba Artemisia Scoparia Extract, Ganoderma Japonicum Extract, Radix Gentiana Scabra Extract, Radix Scutellaria Baicalensis Extract, and Herba Artemisia Scoparia Extract. There are among the herbs contained within the capsule and what makes it work, the combination. It’s important to note that the dosages are 4 capsules twice a day, after a meal, for adjuvant treatment. It’s two pills twice a day, after a meal, for protection. 

In 2019, Proganic was also awarded the Malaysia Consumer’s Recommend Award for Excellent Supplements. That just goes to show how effective this pill is, and it might be the solution you are looking for.