food containers for sale in malaysia

Food Containers For Sale in Malaysia

Keeping your food fresh is essential. Due to the rise of capital prices, people have started to bring food from home instead for their lunch hour. It is environmentally friendly and cost-saving. Bringing food from home means you will need to find good food containers for sale in malaysia. There are different types of food containers for you to use to store your lunch. Some containers are not suitable as a lunchbox and you should avoid them. 

What to Consider When Buying Food Containers?

food containers for sale in malaysia

Maintenance: Food spills, container explosions, and enigmatic stains are unavoidable, so it’s critical to consider how simple it will be to clean the lunchbox or food container. While it’s convenient to be able to throw the lunch box in the dishwasher or washer, some containers and lunch bags will need to be hand-washed or spot-cleaned instead.

Temperature control: Whether you enjoy sandwiches or like to eat dinner from the night before for lunch, it’s important to keep your food at the proper temperature. Your lunch box will have to undertake the majority of the temperature-regulation job. You probably won’t be able to refrigerate or reheat your meal in a microwave. A heat or ice pack can be added to your lunch box in addition to picking an enclosed lunch bag.

Size: Depending on your general appetite, the ideal lunchbox size will vary. Smaller containers and lunch packs work well for a light meal. Whereas heavy meals require larger portion sizes and more room for snacks. It is best to own different sizes of containers so you always have an optimised lunch size every day. Do not need one size for all. Be different every day! 

Taking Care of Your Food Container

food containers for sale in malaysia

As soon as you finish eating, wash your food container. After finishing your lunch, rinse out your Tupperware. Better still, thoroughly clean it before drying it in your office kitchen before repacking. Otherwise, any food leftovers will remain in your food container for the remainder of the day and contaminate the container. 

Wash it every day. Even if you only store fruits or snacks in the container. Use soap and water to wash the inside of your food container, and if necessary, also the handle and the outside. Clean up any spills, being sure to reach all corners. Give everything a quick once-over with a moist paper towel or microfiber cloth if you don’t have time for a thorough clean.

Let it air dry outside. It’s important to let your food container air dry since it spends most of the day sealed completely. Which makes it the perfect place for moisture to accumulate for mildew and bacteria to grow. Once your food container is clean, you can either dry it with a dry microfiber cloth or leave it on the countertop to completely dry until the next day.