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Common Causes Of Roof Gutter Damage

Roof gutters, often known as ‘water catchers,’ operate by directing rainwater away from the home. This helps to prevent long-term damage to the roofs and foundation. Erosion and leakage are examples of such damage. Furthermore, with a rainwater harvesting system installed, residential gutters may collect rainwater for later use.

gutter repair Malaysia

Different types of roof gutters have different maintenance costs and also have different ways of functioning. But there are few things that can cause damage on your roof gutter no matter what type of gutter you use for your house.

Poor installation

Roof gutter installation can be very easy if it is done by the experts or professionals but it can bring damage to your gutter and house if installed poorly. It needs judgement from the professionals to make sure that it is ready to be used and misjudgment of the installation will cause damage. You will have to take a look at these matters after the gutter has been installed:

–          Placement of gutter

–          Loose gutters

–          Small gutters

–          Improper slope

For a short period of time, these problems might not cause any damage but after some period of time, it will reduce the efficiency of your roof gutter. Which also means damaged roof gutter.


Keeping your gutters and downspouts clear of debris is an important task. One of the most common reasons for leaking gutters is clogs. The issue is that when water backs up due to a blockage, it has the potential to seep through your roof as well. Your gutters can soon fill up with leaf litter and debris unless you clear them out after a certain period of time.

Clean and maintain your gutters on a regular basis to avoid blockage. Consider having seamless gutters installed since they are easier to clean and maintain. Gutter guards also enhance water flow and keep debris from blocking your gutters.

Cracks and holes

Cracks and holes can happen anytime even if you are using the sturdiest material for your roof gutter especially under extreme weather. For some places that always experience natural disasters (annually), there is a higher risk for damages on your roof gutter. It will cause leakage on the gutter and at the same time will cause erosion to your walls. In some cases, the cost you will need to spend on repair services is high especially if your gutter is from good materials and is badly damaged.

Gutter repair Malaysia has the best service for your damaged gutter no matter what is the cause. You can check on them if you have to repair your roof gutter. Not only that, they are also available for maintenance services. So, check if your gutter has any cracks or holes and get it fixed as soon as possible.

After all, there are actually a lot more causes of roof gutter damage that you can find other than poor installation, clogs along the gutters or cracks and holes on the gutter due to the weather. You can easily find ways to make sure that your roof gutter is not damaged and how to maintain them in a good shape.