Industry Categories In Malaysia

Have you wondered about the industry that exists in Malaysia? Do you ever think about how many of them? If you want to know about it let’s keep reading to know more. Malaysia seems like a small country but it actually has about 30 industry categories in total. Now, let’s see the list of the industry.

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  1. Aerospace industry
  2. Agriculture industry
  3. Malaysian animation studios industry
  4. Motor vehicle manufacturing industry
  5. Beer industry
  6. Chemical industry
  7. Clothing industry
  8. Construction and civil engineering industry
  9. Cosmetics industry
  10. Defense industry
  11. Department stores industry
  12. Design industry
  13. Distribution industry
  14. Education industry
  15. Electronics industry
  16. Energy industry
  17. Entertainment industry
  18. Film production industry
  19. Food and drink industry
  20. Gambling industry
  21. Health care industry
  22. Manufacturing industry
  23. Property industry
  24. Mass media industry
  25. Retail industry
  26. Services industry
  27. Technology industry
  28. Telecommunication industry
  29. Transport industry
  30. Video games industry

It is a lot right for such a small country but all of these are only the main industry and there are more sub-industry under the main industry. For your information, Malaysia also has Malaysia industrial automation and there is much company involved in that field. Plus, the automation industry help to support all the industry in Malaysia. For example, the automation industry helps the health care industry in providing the Omron product for health. You also can view full Omron electronic components in Malaysia here and the top Omron electronic components Malaysia. The automation industry also helps to provide the best Omron cable Malaysia

Malaysia is still a developing country and has much more industry and things to look at. Day by days and years by years. Malaysia trying to be a better country and wish to be a successful country that can help their people to be better in term of education, and lifestyle. Even though there are many industries that exist in Malaysia but Malaysia still can fulfill the job opportunity for their people. There are still many Malaysian people out there that are jobless. Many students worry to get a job after they graduated because there are many people that are still jobless and unemployed out there. Hopefully, the Malaysian government will settle this problem as soon as possible because to create a successful country the government must create successful people first. It is because there are many Malaysia had to find jobs in another country such as Singapore, Australia, America, Korea and many more because Malaysia government could not afford to give job opportunity to their people. 

To conclude all this, it is true that Malaysia is a developing country and Malaysia going to be better and better every day. Hopefully, the Malaysian government settles the unemployed and jobless problem as soon as possible because Malaysian people hope they can give their effort in doing work for their country not for another country. To create a better Malaysia, Malaysian also needs to help the government make a successful country. All the industry also need to help Malaysia because that is how it works. All the team must help each other to create a better and successful country.

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