Xyreon and Fanless Embedded PCs.

Technology has been at the forefront of innovation since its conceptualization. Each new advancement and breakthrough requires years of hard work and determination. All it takes is an idea and an unyielding drive to bring the idea to life for the next big advancement. Embedded PCs have existed since 2014, but have only started becomingRead More

What is a Bangunan in Kuala Lumpur?

Bangunan pejabat bekas di KL is a symbol of KL, one of the most important cities in Malaysia. It was built after the Klang Valley Development Plan, which aims to develop Kuala Lumpur as a world-class city and a center for development and manufacturing in Malaysia.

Top Selling Dildos from Secret Cherry in Malaysia

Masturbation is a very common habit in life. While shrouded in shame and treated as something criminal, masturbation is a very pleasurable experience that tends to help men rather than inhibit them, as the prevailing myths entail.  The act of masturbation has the potential to enhance the health of the practitioner and allows them toRead More

What Kind of Lab Furniture Choice You Can Have Now

Designing an efficient, comprehensive, and intelligent lab is the primary objective of laboratory design. Space, laboratory furniture (such as fume hoods and anti-static tables), airflow and lighting are all factors that might affect the efficiency and safety in the laboratory while constructing the space. National standards should be set for the design of a specificRead More