Trade Terms Management Software

Trade Terms Management Software Nowadays, you don’t need to do everything manually. There are now so many developed software that can help you manage your business. Yes, this might cost you more money, but then again, in the long run, you will surely find this rewarding, especially that because of your choice of software, youRead More

The Palm Oil Industry

The Palm Oil Industry Malaysia is a South East asian country that is known for its exports and its Palm Oil Industry. Ensuring to get good and high quality palm oil, you need high and good quality palm oil fertiliser to make sure that the palm oil retrieves enough and sufficient nutrients for it toRead More

Benefits of Having a Job on the Internet

Benefits of Having a Job on the Internet The minute we’re born into this world, we are born with responsibilities. As we grow older, these responsibilities grow and become bigger and bigger. We’re responsible to go to school, do well and work hard for us to be able to cater to our own needs andRead More

Tea and coffee for your liver

Tea and coffee for your liver Coffee is one of the best drinks to increase your energy levels but do you know that it is also very helpful for your liver? According to the researcher coffee really can help in reducing the chance of chronic diseases and reduce the chance of liver damage. Coffee hasRead More

Frozen Meals the Redemption

Frozen Meals the Redemption When something is listed as halal, it means that the sources of that particular product adhere to Islamic standards and rules. So, in the case of food, it means that the ingredients are pork-free and that if there is any meat in there that comes from a mammal or bird, thatRead More

5 Ways To Style A Skater Skirt in Winter!

5 Ways To Style A Skater Skirt in Winter! If you’re planning on traveling to somewhere cold this Chinese New Year, the crew at have got five perfect style ideas with simply one essential clothing – the skater skirt. Yup. With its super adorable cut suited for any body shape, we decided to takeRead More

Style Thursday’s FF Lookbook

Style Thursday’s FF Lookbook Welcome to 2013 and we’ve got this year’s first FF Lookbook where the girls of FriendlyFashion share the treasures they bought or swapped from the community! This week we have… The ever lovely day24, wearing a Chiffon Pastel Floral Top which she purchased from FF member : jou. In the photo below, day24Read More

DIY Dates: Fill Your Nails with Hearts!

Love is in the air, soft toys are being hugged, florists are as busy as can be, chocolates and candy are being sold worldwide. You know what that means, today is the day most commonly known as Valentine’s Day or more recently declared the Singles Awareness day! No matter what it is lovers and friendsRead More