Last week, my hometown friend came all the way from Canada and we’d finally visited the sea aquarium at Sentosa Singapore!

We got to see seahorses via a magnifying glass,

Getting really close to hold the little crab and touch the starfish!

Immersing in the whimsical rhythm of the underwater world,

Jellyfish dancing in slow ballad,

And learnt that eels are gentle giants. They look scary but are more often too shy to come out in public.

And Dory’s really helping Marlin to find Nemo!

And waving hello to the cute diver! Now we’re talking in two mediums!

-Make a weekend off to visit the aquarium with your friends and family. It’s definitely an activity great for all young to old!

– Take your time between taking pictures and looking closely at the underwater world. There are too much details you don’t want to miss a single thing.

– Spend at least 3 hours to make it worthwhile (personal opinion)

– Take your time to read all the biological facts and detailed info of each species.

– If you’re planning for a full day trip, visit the Adventure Cove Waterpark for some interactive snorkelling!

Now I need more blue dates just to get back in there!



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