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What To Know Before Bringing Home You Furry Friend Home?

Having a furry pet like cats or dogs seems fun, adding them into your life or your family member will be such a great idea. Everybody seems to agree with wanting a pet in their life, someone that you can play with and someone that can entertain you. Studies show that having a pet in your life can lessen your stress and the chances to get depression. So it might not seem like a bad idea to adopt a pet right? 

Dr.Clo Malaysia
Dr.Clo Malaysia

However, have you made research on what do you need to know and take notes before bringing this furry little friend home? It might not be as easy as you think it’ll be. This article will tell you what you might want to consider before having a pet. 


Having a pet is a big commitment. You might be wondering why because commonly commitment is when involving another person like a baby or a partner. But having a pet will need you to be able to commit to it, this is because cats and dog’s average life span is within 10-15 years. Upon seeing this age, are you willing to commit to that long years for your pet?  If you are the type of person that gets bored easily maybe owning a dog or cat will not be a great idea for you. They also demand a lot of attention and love from you, so if being patience is not your biggest characteristic maybe you can get less demanding and needy animals as your pet. 


Animals like cats and dogs will require you to be able to afford them. From their medical care to their home, everything can be costly. Sometimes when your furry pet gets sick it might take hundreds or even thousands to get them the right treatment. If you are tight on budget or if you are not able to spend a lot of money for your pet, maybe you should consider having a different animal that is cheaper. 

Hectic Lifestyles

If you are a doctor or a lawyer that are rarely home, maybe cats or dogs will not be such a great idea for you. This is because you will need to be able to train your pets and make sure that they are safe most of the time. Not having a stable personal life can be quite hard for you to devote your time to your pets. Besides that, your pet will also have a hard time building a bond and connection with you when you are rarely home, they might have a hard time recognizing and sense your smell and touch. 

Having pets mean that you have to be committed to it and care about their well-being. You also need to keep your home environment clean for you and your pet’s well-being. With the help of Dr.Clo Malaysia, you can sanitize your house and make sure that it is safe for you and your furry friends.