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What is a Fitting or air coupling and what can it be used for?

It is a connector for plugging in the air in pneumatic devices or devices that use air as a control. Which is widely used because it can be easily and quickly removed or inserted into the wind, for example, used to connect the wind into the air cylinder. Yes, connect the air to the solenoid valve. Or use parts of compressed air used in the factory such as air filters (Filter), air pressure regulator (regulator), etc.

There will be a side that is used to plug the wind, which will have many sizes according to the wind, such as 4 mm. 6 mm. 8 mm. The other side is a thread that is used to connect to pneumatic devices. This may be a male thread or a female thread. They come in different sizes such as ¼” ½” 3/8”.

The threads of the fittings, in addition to having many sizes. Can also be divided into many types of threads depending on the standard of what country is the thread standard. Each standard has different styles, sizes, thread heights and the number of threads.

Metal Pipes and Fittings

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mechanical fitting malaysia

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