The Palm Oil Industry

The Palm Oil Industry

Malaysia is a South East asian country that is known for its exports and its Palm Oil Industry.

Ensuring to get good and high quality palm oil, you need high and good quality palm oil fertiliser to make sure that the palm oil retrieves enough and sufficient nutrients for it to grow. Palm Oil production and processing in Malaysia started from around the 80’s and is now a vital part of the economy, making Malaysia the second biggest producer of Palm Oil in the world behind Indonesia. It is a government agency that functions to be responsible for the growth and marketing of palm oil sector in Malaysia.

Every year, The Malaysian Palm Oil Board has shown that the industry has resulted in significant increases in the exporting of Palm Oils. Since it is a big part of our nation, do we actually know how it all started? What is the history between Malaysia and Palm Oil?

It all started out in the 1870’s, which were introduced to Malaysia, that was known as Malaya back then by the British. Palm oil was introduced as an ornamental plant that came from Africa. The first commercial cultivation of palm oil in malaysia was done around the time of 1910. The industry reached a peak in the early 60’s then the industry grew bigger and significant, thus made Malaysia the biggest exporter of Palm Oil.

This also was the time were FELDA was initiated to make Malaysia less dependant on rubber. Then the companies like Sime Darby and Guthrie, were nationalised by the government.

It was recorded in 2017, that the palm oil industry showed great numbers even after the El-Nino phenomenon that helped the country earn around RM77.85 billion in the year. Exports are also rising since then.

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