Rig preservation solutions in Malaysia

Pollution Caused By Transport

Pollution comes in various forms: land, sea and air are all affected by the actions of human beings. It is important to acknowledge the effects that we, as people, have on the planet come on not only the vegetation but also the animals that consider it home. The repercussions of our actions affect us, too, in ways that we are already able to see with very distinguishable effects dictating present weather patterns. 

1.     Land

Land pollution is caused by cars, railways, trucks and other modes of transport that often require an engine and fuel to function. These modes of transport produce large amounts of carbon dioxide which is harmful to our health, to plants and to animals, alike. Well there is an attempt to revolutionise land transport and make it greener. The eco-friendly options are still relatively expensive and way above the finances of most people. Being green is therefore, only accommodating the upper middle to upper classes. Land pollution does not only come in the form of air pollution. It is also present in the structural projects to expand transport networks. For instance, when it comes to railways, a lot of the forestry and land has to be cleared to create a new railway line to join cities and countries together. The same can be applied to roads and highways, and with these come the accompaniment of structures like homes, bridges, workplaces and other man-made forms. 

Rig preservation solutions in Malaysia

2.     Water

Rig preservation solutions in Malaysia may be a major reason for the harm of aquatic wildlife. It is important to protect our water bodies. Our oceans are in grave danger, with pollution coming in all forms not only from the from the land, but also from aquatic vessels that are traveling via transatlantic routes. These are inclusive of ships, boats, cruise liners in any other large man-made structures that are placed out at sea. Oil rigs are often said to leak causing large villages of oil in the oceans which not only suffocate animals but also end up in trapping birds that are trying to feed off of wildlife in the ocean. Ships and other transportation crafts are also responsible for the damage that has been brought to large marine formations, including reefs and rock structures and icebergs while also causing noise that can actually disrupt the breeding process and breeding grounds for our animals. 

3.     Air

Planes are a large contributor to air pollution and with air travel becoming more and more accessible, it is consequently resulting in more pollution. Planes emit a vast amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. And because there are numerous planes operating at the same time every day, it almost brings about the question as to whether this is reversible. Air pollution, as mentioned in the first point, is not only a danger to us as human beings. It also becomes problematic to the animals around us and the vegetation. Oxygen becomes a scarcity. 

There are various organizations and conservative conservationist groups working together to implement safer means of traveling, however, for the time being, take the small steps that you know of such as saving water, walking where possible, and buying local produce to reduce the amount of pollution that we create.